• Broadband Internet

    Safe, fast and stable connection with large bandwith capacity for IIX and IX.

    2016-02-15 08:34:13

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    Located in central business district jakarta, is one of the most reliable data centers. We offer you secure racks and secure space solutions with high availability, reliability, security and flexibility.

    2016-02-15 08:35:54

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  • Dedicated Internet

    24 hours connection internet for IIX and IX with bandwidth dedicated CIR 1:1.

    2016-02-15 08:18:59

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    Elga Call offers a low-cost international calling alternative to calling cards. High-quality calls, 24/7 customer service and no hidden charges.

    2016-06-16 14:02:57

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  • Internet of Building

    Here we provide you our products that we called Mybe that will sustainable and integrated the needed of your building.

    2016-02-15 08:37:01

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    JAGUARD aims to track the locations of the security guards during their patrol duties, records the guard'track into a map and geo-database

    2016-06-16 12:44:03

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