IT Consulting

To enhance the company’s competitiveness in the modern era and the current competition, an organization/company needs to understand how IT can be strategically developed. We recognize that every organization has limited resources in the professional in IT job desk. By understanding how to effectively prioritize IT investments, enabling an organization can optimize the benefits of IT to improve their business. IT Consulting Services ELGA incorporate the principles of leadership, best practices and IT professionals in creating a solution for customers to increase their business productivity. Complaints, difficulties and the need expressed by the customers is an opportunity for us to design an innovative solution for the customers.

Our approach to provide the best solution for the customer are :


We hear and record all the things presented by our customers regarding complaints, difficulties experienced. We will position ourselves as a customer to understand what is faced by our customers.

Think Big

 We do brainstorm to build creative ideas, wild crazy even though as an early form solution for the customer.

Create Prototype Solution

We develop prototype solution as the earliest representations of solutions offered to customers. From the results of this prototype will be collected feedback and input from the customer for repair solution.

Solution Test

We give the best solution to customer from the result from the fixing last prototype.